Industry 4.0 and vibrodiagnostics

Our long-term partner, the company Schaeffler is the second largest innovator in terms of the number of registered patents in Germany (over 2,000 patents come out of their laboratory every year) and they are one of the carriers of Industry 4.0 as a concept, which implies automation production processes.

Within this, they developed ProLink and Optime systems for monitoring and measuring vibrodiagnostics based on artificial intelligence (AI), which maximally reduces the possibility of human error when reading the results, which aims to minimize the possibility of downtime, longer product life, adequate planning of replacement of spare parts and greater safety at work.

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What does Industry 4.0 bring?

Industry 4.0 brings a digital revolution and the connection of components and systems that increases the efficiency of machines and equipment.
You too can benefit from the coming digital transformation. New systems and components are being built into machines where the most important data is generated. Those components are equipped with smart sensors that are the main drivers of this digital revolution. We say revolution, because it brings a big step forward in monitoring the state of the machine, predictive maintenance of the system and the availability of information about the state of machines and equipment in real time.


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