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About us

Leader in the industry of bearings, seals, sleeves, housings

The Ljubex company was founded in 1990
in Belgrade. The founder of the company, Ljuben Stančev, has been in the rolling bearing industry since 1975, and for 20 years he managed the Schaeffler representative office for Serbia, Montenegro and North Macedonia.

With excellent knowledge of the specifics of the local market, Ljubex cooperated with almost all domestic customers.

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All in one place:
over 45 years of experience in the bearing industry transferred into the largest stock on the market.


Are you not satisfied with the current performance or are you afraid of downtime?
Our team of experts performs a detailed mapping of your needs and makes suggestions for process optimization and savings.

It's important to us that you get better results!

Our new client, after the first order, invited us to visit and tour the production plant.
The idea was for our engineers to go through the machine park and check what we can cover from the procurement. The client got more than that. Here's what we did:

Consignment warehouse

We agreed to store the necessary goods in our warehouse
and took care of the spare parts.
We delivered the necessary goods to the client's location with our own transport, and we transferred the unnecessary parts
to us.

Adaptation of brands
in accordance with needs

We noticed that the client was purchasing premium brand items for certain machines, but this was not necessary in this case. On the other hand, some other machines required better support. We recommended a change of brands, offered competitive prices and thereby optimized the client's budget, and ensured that the production facility, in the long term, functions better and more efficiently.
In this way, the overhaul process was maximally facilitated and optimized.

Why choose Ljubex?

If you're still not sure, here are the most common
reasons, in the words of our clients, why we are their
first choice.

All in one place

We have everything needed for the supply and maintenance of the machine park, i.e.
the production plant.
Over 10,000 items are in our warehouse at any moment, thanks to which we are able to provide prompt delivery for a large number of positions.

Fast delivery

We respond to all inquiries within 24 to 48 hours. Thanks to the largest warehouse on the market, products arrive in the shortest possible time to your production, with the possibility of using our transport.

Access to Rubix stock

If we happen to not have a suitable product,
through us, you can order directly from Rubix warehouse, which is the largest European distributor in the field of maintenance of machine parks. They are also available
for expertise and their engineers.


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